University computer art majors relax in the library
Would You Like to Start a Career in Animation?
You Will Need Some Creative and Artistic Ability
You Won't Need to Sit in a College Classroom for Four Years
Ambitious Students Can Get Started with Some Specific Training


A career as an animator can be interesting and rewarding.

New Detroit MI students working around a table The animation job area might just be a very good opportunity for people who possess some creative ability, have some strength in illustrating, a readiness to study software packages and the wish to work within a creative environment.

The basic day to day work environment of modern day 3D artist is completely different from the old-school animator of past years. Computers, graphics software and other technology have drastically altered and quickened the animation production process.

This short career training resource could easily help you discover animation universities, college diploma programs, single classes, or some other learning that might properly get you ready for a new career in animation.

What are the Classes Like?
While many undergrads stay in school until they earn a four-year diploma, capable men and women who have the instruction with the top industry software programs can often be hired for a beginning job without having a diploma.

 Three tired Detroit students working to put together their class assignment A computer animation education program may be taken either online or through a more traditional walk-on campus.

If you have not taken an online class before now, you might be astonished at just how practical and stimulating they can be. But you do still need to study hard and work on it in order to get a decent score.

Just like any normal campus school, it is essential to take care of the reading, learn the material and turn in the assignments so that you can pass the class. However, online programs feature flexibility and convenience that traditional universities will not.

You can select which system and learning environment works best for you.

You can look through our assortment of common commute-to campuses or check the impressive collection of popular online institutions.

We have a list of affordable options::

Matching School Ads
  • Full Sail’s curriculum combines elements of creativity, art, business and life skills, technical prowess, and academic achievement.
  • Full Sail offers accelerated programs, so a degree that would normally take four years takes 24 months on average.
  • Students work with industry-standard tools and technologies, allowing them to gain practical knowledge and real-world experience.
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  • Computer Animation, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Digital Cinematography, Bachelor of Science
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